Virtual Ports Products

The Challenges We Solve

Laparoscopic surgery, though clearly preferred over open surgery by doctors and patient alike, doesn’t come without its challenges

Flexibility and Resource Allocation Challenge

Managing a 2D approach
The angle of approaching organs
Complicated maneuvering needs
The need for multiple tools

Safety and Cost Challenges

Complicated, lengthy procedures
A use of multiple tools
A need for an additional surgeon

Reducing these challenges by a mere fracture provides significant cost reduction to the healthcare system and increases patient well-being

Purpose Driven by Innovation

Virtual Ports products leverage a proprietary MicroAnchoring™ technology through an exceptionally small-profile dual anchoring system.

One side is used for Organ Latching and the other for Peritoneum Anchoring, interconnected with a wire to allow 3600 of maneuvering between the organ and the abdominal wall.

MicroAnchoring™ technology characteristics enable Virtual Ports’ products to offer nearly unlimited angles of organ positioning.

The unique grasping hook can latch onto organs, ligaments, connective and fatty tissue, allowing maximum flexibility to grasp organs.

Inserted through an existing 5mm port and one-hand surgeon operated, the system provides unmatched support during Lap surgery, without cluttering
the laparoscopic workspace.


Ultra-versatile organ and tissue maneuvering system
Easy non-traumatic latching to organs and tissue
Safe and quick grasping of the cavity wall (peritoneum)
3D organ rotation capability


Soft tissue suspension
Two anchoring clips to attach to the internal cavity wall (peritoneum)
Interconnected by a telescopic tube to support the organ with no trauma
Easy repositioning


Smart applicators, agnostic to EndoGrab/ EndoLift connection
One handed application: hook, swivel, re-position, release
Designed for < 5mm same port insertion, no additional ports required

Clinical Applications Versatility

Upper GI
Colon & Rectal

Unmatched Flexibility and Versatility

Virtual Ports maneuvering system, enables surgeons control of the surgical space without the need to rely on an assistant or to let less experienced staffers perform more complex techniques without increased risk to operational performance or patients.
All in one multiple application device
Unmatched organ and tissue maneuvering
Independent single hand application
Keeping ports free and available
Reduced cost and complications

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