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Un-matched, single hand organ and tissue maneuvering during laparoscopic surgery.
Traditional Laparoscopy
Robotic Assisted Laparoscopy
Single Port Laparoscopy

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We simplify laparoscopic surgery through a unique organ and tissue grasping system, a single hand application device applied through a 5mm port combined with a 360° abdominal wall anchoring

Virtual Ports maneuvering system, enable surgeons control of the surgical space without the need to rely on an assistant or to let less experienced staffers perform more complex techniques without increased risk to operational performance or patients.


Virtual Ports maneuvering system, enables surgeons control of the surgical space without the need to rely on an assistant or to let less experienced staffers perform more complex techniques without increased risk to operational performance or patients.
All in one multiple application device
Unmatched organ and tissue maneuvering
Independent single hand application
Keeping ports free and available
Reduced cost and complications

One Surgeon
One Hand
One Tool

Virtual Ports maneuvering systems enables
All-in-One positioning and supportive surgical tasks

Virtual Ports systems increase surgeon’s capability and independence while reducing surgery time, tooling, risk to patients and overall healthcare system’s costs.

Traditional Laparoscopy

Traditional Laparoscopy


Virtual Ports Solutions

Virtual Ports Solutions


What surgeons say about us?

Amir Szold MD, FACS
Medical Director | Amir Szold MD, FACS
Assia Medical Group | Israel

The combination of EndoGrab’s small footprint and high maneuverability, allows manipulation in narrow and highly cluttered sites, as is the case in Single Port procedures, lower abdomen locations, and in robotic surgery, when assistant ports often clash with the robotic arms.

Prof. Moty Pansky
Chair Ob/Gyn. Division | Prof. Moty Pansky
Assuta University Hospital, Ashdod | Israel

My Opinion regarding The Product Endograb By Virtual Ports company:
The EndoGrab is extremely versatile and can be used for lifting, approximating, isolation and anchoring of tissues and organ during abdominal procedures. It serves many functions during the procedure and supports dissection, rotation, exposure and isolation. Generaly I introduce it early in the procedure and reposition it as the surgery progresses to support my current need. Its small footprint and ease of use simplifies procedures and save time.

Prof. Yoav Mintz
Associate Professor of Surgery | Director Division of Foregut Surgery | Prof. Yoav Mintz
Hadassah Medical Center | Jerusalem | Israel

It's time to maximize effectiveness and increase efficiency.
Retraction can be achieved with internal devices such the EndoLift and the EndoGrab. Use the extra access ports – if any, to operate rather just retract.

Complete End‑to‑End Surgeons Support

Through the use of its proprietary MicroAnchoring™ technology using exceptionally small-profile laparoscopic devices

Our unique mechanics enable more surgical site maneuvering, by grasping organs safely and unique surrounding tissue and facia, to rotate organs more easily than traditional methods.

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Any tissue, Any angle

3D rotation

Non Traumatic Soft Tissue Suspension


Multiple Procedural Types

Advanced capabilities to maneuver intraoperatively with a reduced operating clutter, cleared for a variety of clinical applications use, providing greater flexibility and agility for a more accurate, safer outcomes
Upper GI
Colon & Rectal

Making an Impact

Our solutions support better patient care through shorter, more successful surgical procedures, less hospitalizations and adverse events and higher operations capacity a day.
Reduced OR time
up to
Cost reduction
Safely performed surgeries

Our Story

Virtual Ports started adapting to the changing market, recognized the opportunity for devices and took over re-inventing the company’s clinical strategy.

With a new team leveraging its patented Micranchoring technology, Mr. Sivan led the company through a re-startup phase in almost every aspect of the company, starting from manufacturing processes through clinical methodologies and scientific research.

Tovy Sivan
Tovy Sivan
Chairman of the board
About Virtual Ports

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