Virtual Ports Solutions

Enabling Optimal Tissue Visualization

Technology Overview

Virtual Ports technology embodies a streamlined approach to minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery by creating a novel approach to organ retraction and laparoscope cleaning. The cornerstone of Virtual Ports’ family of products is proprietary MicroAnchoring™ technology, which results in internally anchored small-profile devices that perform critical procedural functions using a pre-existing port and without cluttering the laparoscopic workspace. The wall of the intra-abdominal cavity is used to house the Virtual Ports’ device and/or retracted organ outside of the surgeon’s critical view, thereby enhancing tissue access and visualization.

Reduces the number of ports, incisions and personnel required for organ retraction.
Provides the optimal aesthetic outcome for the patient
Promotes efficient laparoscope lens cleaning that eliminates the need for surgical reorientation and scope warming devices.
Decreases the risk of infection.
Reduces material and direct costs of the procedure.

The EndoGrab™ and EndoLift™ Port-Free Laparoscopic Retractors

These port-free organ retraction systems deploy quickly and safely through an existing port, are internally anchored, and are easily repositioned to ensure the operative critical view is maintained throughout the surgical procedure. These systems allow the surgeon to retract obstructing anatomy in two directions, anterior and superior, which optimizes visualization of the target tissue.

The EndoClear™ Laparoscope Cleaning Station

This unique cleaning station provides surgeons with the ability to clear the laparoscope camera lens of debris and fog in order to maintain a clear image of the target anatomy without interrupting the procedure to remove the laparoscope from the body. The EndoClear Laparoscope Cleaning Station deploys quickly and safely through an existing 5-mm or larger port and is anchored to the intra-abdominal wall. Surgical workflow is improved by eliminating the time consuming process of reestablishing the surgeon’s orientation when the laparoscope is repeatedly removed and reinserted into the intra-abdominal cavity.

The Applier Hand Instrument

The Applier Hand Instrument is a reusable tool used to introduce all Virtual Ports products into the body, and is designed for up to 2,000 uses. Once the Virtual Ports organ retraction device or laparoscope cleaning station is loaded into the Applier, it is introduced into the operative cavity via a 5-mm or larger surgical port. Deployment is easily accomplished through manipulating the stainless steel sleeve containing the Virtual Ports disposable and by squeezing the handle of the Applier. The Applier hand instrument is then removed from the trocar and the port is available for use by other laparoscopic tools.

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