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An enhanced critical view with exceptional tissue visualization

The EndoLift™ port-free retractor is specifically designed for retraction of larger soft-tissue structures such as the liver and uterus from within the body cavity through an existing port. Virtual Ports proprietary MicroAnchoring™ technology provides the foundation for using the EndoLift™ to enhance visualization of the target tissue by retracting it in two directions, anterior and superior.

The EndoLift™ retractor and organ are anchored directly to the endocavity wall, outside the surgeon’s critical view, resulting in exceptional tissue access and an uncluttered laparoscopic workspace.

The EndoLift™ deploys quickly and safely through an existing 5mm port by means of a reusable Applier Hand Instrument and assumes its functional shape once inside the body.

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EndoLift for Liver Retraction During Gastric Resection

The EndoLift is first attached to the right of the falciform ligament and then lateral to the esophagogastric junction, anterior to the stomach fundus, to achieve optimal visualization for the Local Resection for Gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST).
By Atsushi Iida, Tohru Mikoshiba, Katsuji Sawai and Akio Yamaguchi Gastroentrological Surgery, University of Fukui, Japan

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Comprised of a telescopic stainless steel bar and two articulated clips positioned on either end, the EndoLift gives the surgeon flexibility in choosing both the direction and angle of retraction. Once the bar is positioned underneath the soft tissue, the Applier is used to grasp one of the clips and anchor it to the intra-abdominal wall. The process of fastening the second clip creates the lift necessary to move the soft tissue structure out of the operative field. When the organ is securely fastened to the peritoneal wall, the Applier is removed, and the port is available for use with other laparoscopic tools.
The combination of fewer tools in the abdominal cavity and complete organ retraction greatly improves the operative critical view and workspace during laparoscopic procedures. The state-of-the-art EndoLift is designed for use in general, bariatric, gynecologic, colorectal, oncologic, robot-assisted, and single-port surgeries.

Reduces the number of ports, incisions, and personnel needed for organ retraction
Reduces laparoscopic workspace clutter
Provides complete anterior and superior organ retraction
Minimizes complications associated with conventional organ retraction1
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