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The port-free endocavity retractor for an enhanced critical view and exceptional tissue access

The EndoGrab™ port-free endocavity retractor showcases Virtual Ports’ proprietary MicroAnchoring™ technology. It is the only device specifically designed and engineered to use an existing 5mm port to retract organs entirely from within the body cavity.

The EndoGrab retractor and organ are anchored directly to the endocavity wall, outside the surgeon’s critical view, resulting in enhanced tissue access and an uncluttered laparoscopic workspace.

The EndoGrab enables surgeons to reduce the number of ports, incisions, and personnel needed during laparoscopic surgery. The Virtual Ports Applier Hand Instrument, which is used to deploy and position the EndoGrab, is removed once the organ is retracted, leaving the port open for other uses. Operating room personnel accustomed to holding conventional retraction devices are now available to perform other vital surgical tasks.

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The EndoGrab streamlines laparoscopic organ retraction to expand tissue access and visualization across a broad range of laparoscopic applications, including general, bariatric, gynecologic, colorectal, oncologic, robot-assisted, and single-port surgeries.

Reduces the number of ports, incisions, and personnel needed for organ retraction
Reduces laparoscopic workspace clutter
Provides complete anterior and superior organ retraction
Minimizes complications associated with conventional organ retraction*
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