Our Technology

Virtual Ports solutions optimize tissue access and visualization by allowing surgeons to a traumatically retract the organ obstructing the surgical field of view by lifting it and anchoring it to the intra-abdominal wall. In contrast to conventional laparoscopic surgery, which requires the use of dedicated ports, incisions, and auxiliary personnel solely for organ retraction, the Virtual Ports approach results in complete organ retraction without a dedicated port or assistant.

The MicroAnchoring™ Technology

The cornerstone of Virtual Ports family of products, the proprietary MicroAnchoring technology, streamlines minimally invasive surgery by offering a novel approach to organ retraction and laparoscope cleaning. It relies on internally anchored exceptionally small-profile devices for critical procedural functions using an existing 5mm port and without cluttering the laparoscopic workspace.

“Housing” the Virtual Ports device or retracted organ on the wall of the intra-abdominal cavity (outside of the surgeon’s critical view) offers enhanced tissue access and visualization.

The MicroAnchoring™ Technology

The technology streamlines laparoscopic procedures by reducing the number of ports and incisions, minimizing complications, and reducing the costs associated with conventional organ retraction:

Fewer incisions reduce the risk of infection, lead to less post-operative discomfort, improve recovery time, and lead to better aesthetic outcomes.
Using an atraumatic method to position the organ decreases the risk of perforation.
In-cavity lens cleaning eliminates the need for time-consuming surgical reorientation and scope-warming devices.
Operating room personnel accustomed to holding conventional retraction devices now have their hands free to perform other surgical tasks.
The EndoGrab ™ and EndoLift™ Port-Free Laparoscopic Retractors
These port-free organ retraction devices deploy through an existing 5mm port, are internally anchored, and enable retraction of obstructing anatomy in two directions (anterior and superior) for optimized visualization of the target tissue throughout the entire procedure.
The EndoClear™ Laparoscope Cleaning Station
The unique cleaning station deploys quickly and safely through an existing 5mm port to give surgeons the ability to clear the laparoscope camera lens of debris and fog, without removing the laparoscope from the body and interrupting the procedure.
The Applier Hand Instrument
The Applier Hand Instrument is a reusable tool (designed for up to 2,000 uses) to introduce all Virtual Ports products into the body.