EndoClear™ Endocavity Laparoscope Cleaning Station

Easy. Efficient. Endocavity Laparoscope Cleaning.

The EndoClear™ Endocavity Laparoscope Cleaning Station isthe only FDA-cleared, laparoscope cleaning method that enables surgeons to maintain a clear image of the target tissue without leaving the intra-abdominal cavity to clean the camera lens. The EndoClear Cleaning Station simplifies laparoscopic procedure workflow by eliminating the interruptions that increase operative time.

The ability to perform laparoscopic surgery safely and effectively depends on clear visualization of the operative field and on the uninterrupted progression of the procedure. With conventional cleaning methods, each time the laparoscope is removed and then re-introduced into the body, the surgeon must reorient their focus to the surgical field. Using proprietary MicroAnchoring™ Technology, the EndoClear Station is attached to the intra-abdominal wall, and remains in place throughout the procedure. As the camera lens becomes foggy or cluttered with debris, the surgeon simply moves the laparoscope a few centimeters to the cleaning station to clear the lens, and then quickly returns to the target tissue.

Repeated removal and reinsertion of the laparoscope also increases the chance of contamination and infection. The EndoClear Cleaning Station decreases the risk of infection by providing endocavity cleaning of the camera lens.

Virtual Ports technology streamlines procedures by creating easy, efficient endocavity cleaning of the laparoscope for use in general, bariatric, single-port and robot assisted laparoscopic procedures.

Improves surgical workflow by eliminating frequent interruptions for laparoscope cleaning.
Eliminates the time-consuming process of reestablishing the surgeon’s orientation within the surgical field.
Maintains continuous visualization of the target tissue.
Reduces the risk of infection by eliminating repeated laparoscope removal and re-insertion

EndoClear™ Laparoscopes Accessory is intended for use by qualified physicians to provide endoscope lens cleaning for uninterrupted visualization of internal structures in a wide variety of diagnostic and therapeutic laparoscopic procedures.

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