Senko Medical and Virtual Ports Sign a Distribution Agreement in Japan

Senko Medical Trading Co., an affiliate company of Senko Medical Instrument Mfg. Co., Ltd. and Virtual Ports Ltd announced today that they have signed an exclusive five years distribution agreement to market Virtual Ports first product – the EndoGrab in Japan.

TOKYO, Japan

The EndoGrab is a novel device for Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) which enables less invasive laparoscopic procedures. Using a unique approach it retracts internal organs during the procedure without the need for additional incision with expected benefits of: cosmetic benefit for the patient by reduce scarring, lower risk of infection, lower risk of herniation and less manpower hand for retraction in the operation room. See more about the device at

It is estimated that there are more than 240,000 laparoscopic procedures performed in Japan every year and the market potential in Japan is estimated as the second largest market in the world.

Senko Medical was founded in 1950. It manufactures, markets, and distributes medical devices mainly in the surgical area, and was the first Japanese company to manufacture and launch the closed circuit anesthetic apparatus and heart-lung machine in Japan. Furthermore, ahead of modern auto suture devices for digestive organ reconstruction, Senko Medical developed and launched Nakayama’s Gastrointestinal sewing clamp in 1953, which still remains a long-selling product. In 1968, Senko Medical was granted Bert Award and Supreme Invention Award from Germany and Switzerland respectively for Nakayama’s small vessel anastomosis device. Senko Medical has long been in development and promotion of highly respectable medical devices.

Virtual Ports was founded in 2006 in Israel. The company focuses on developing novel laparoscopic instruments that address the unmet needs of surgeons, patients and the healthcare system. The company currently sells two products: the EndoGrab and the EndoClear. The EndoGrab is available in U.S. and in ten countries in Europe, and the EndoClear was launched just a few months ago in U.S. The company plans to introduce new laparoscopic instruments in the near future.

Tetsuo Sasaki, president of Senko Medical Trading Co. said: “We are very much excited to enter into a new partnership with Virtual Ports that has a great ability and potentiality for developing innovative medical devices based on unique ideas. With this product, EndoGrab, and ones that will follow, I am quite sure that by working together with Virtual Ports, we can contribute ourselves a lot to the medical circles in various aspects in Japan. EndoGrab could not only offer the great benefits to the patients by its minimum invasive nature at lower costs, but also relieve the burdens to the surgeons and reduce the risks related to the surgery. We firmly believe that EndoGrab is just the product that can meet the demand for a higher level of minimum invasive laparoscopic surgery expected worldwide and also in Japan.”

Udi Gordin, Virtual Ports’ CEO said: “It is a great honor that Senko Medical decided to distribute our products in Japan, we are sure that with Senko’s history, capabilities and dedication; the EndoGrab will be very successful also in Japan. We are looking forward for long term partnership with Senko for our future products and collaboration that would benefit both parties as well as patients and surgeons in Japan”

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